Gage blocks mitutoyo

Yeah so i went online at Tradera, the swedish equivalent for Ebay.. And look what i found.. a full set of 1-100mm gage block set for about 100us including shipping. The blocks has been used but its very little wear …

Bit of new gear

Bit of new gear arrived today. Been having issues with my cutting heads lately my machine is horribly underpowered for the normal cutting inserts.. So on the left a 3 flute 40diam, ISCAR head taking SEMN inserts. And on the …

The Custom … Strong shop press

So i have figured i want a hydraulic shop press i want it to be able to press tools and dies. And i researched it for a day.. Its bloody expensive. So i asked a friend in the big ass …

Härdugn – stomme

Här e början på stommen till min härdugn.. denna har gjorts stor nog för ja ska kunna även värmebhandla aluminium detaljer på sikt.

Eldkastaren uppdaterad

Så brännaren fick en uppdatering detta ökade mängden luft o gas ja kunde mata den med avsevärt.