Building LinuxCNC 2.7 – Linuxmint

This is a "guideline" not set in stone, alot of packages is not supported or exists properly. You would require to compile a preempt kernel this is a way todo it.
  1. cd ~
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get install build-essential bin86 kernel-package libqt4-dev #libncurses5-dev pkg-config libssl-dev
  4. mkdir rtlinux
  5. cd rtlinux
  6. wget
  7. wget
  8. tar -xpf linux-4.6.7.tar.xz
  9. gunzip patch-4.6.7-rt14.patch.gz
  10. cp patch-4.6.7-rt14.patch linux-4.6.7
  11. cd linux-4.6.7
  12. cat patch-4.6.7-rt14.patch | patch -p1
  13. make xconfig
  14. make -j8
  15. sudo make modules_install && make headers_install
  16. sudo make install

but it can be worked around. In the end you would need to install the final build with issuing the command “dpkg –install –ignore-depends=<some deps> –ignore-depends=<more deps> <filenam to install>

The same goes for several outdated packages, the most notable is libgtkprintu-2.2-dev ,download and override deps and install it anyway. Its just so the compie will get thru, its used for ladder printing a feature you most likely have no use for.

git clone git:// lcnc
sudo apt-get install -y devscripts build-essential
sudo apt-get install -y imagemagick texlive-font-utils tcl8.6-dev tk8.6-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libxaw7-dev libncurses-dev libreadline-gplv2-dev
sudo apt-get install -y dblatex groff python-dev python-tk libglu1-mesa-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libgtk2.0-dev asciidoc source-highlight 
sudo apt-get install -y libboost-python-dev texlive-lang-cyrillic debhelper
sudo apt-get install -y texlive-lang-french texlive-lang-spanish
sudo apt-get install -y texlive-lang-german libmodbus-dev dvipng
sudo apt-get install -y libusb-1.0-0-dev graphviz inkscape python-numpy
sudo apt-get install -y python-imaging-tk python-gtkglext1 tclreadline blt
sudo apt-get install -y bwidget libtk-img tclx
cd lcnc
git checkout -b 2.7 origin/2.7
debian/configure -r ; debuild -uc -us
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i linuxcnc_2.7.4_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i linuxcnc-doc-en_2.7.4_all.deb