Installing LinuxCNC 2.7-uspace on Debian Wheezy.

This is basically a step by step guide for me to be able to remember.

  • Install Debian Wheezy
  • Install linux-headers-rt-amd64 and linux-image-rt-amd64
  • Reboot
  • Install build-essential and git.
  • Clone LinuxCNC from either github mirror or linuxcnc original repositories.
  • Enter cloned folder and type; git checkout 2.7
  • Go into <cloned folder>/debian
  • Enter ./configure uspace
  • cd ..
  • dpkg-checkbuilddeps
  • Install missing dependencies.
  • cd src
  • ./
  • ./configure –with-realtime=uspace
  • Install missing deps, 2-3 of them.
  • ./configure –with-realtime=uspace
  • make -j4 && make install-menus
  • sudo make setuid
  • Install desktop env. in my case packages; lxde xorg synaptic terminator
  • Reboot
  • – Run Latency test, make sure its below 15000

LinuxCNC hardware; Asus B85 Vantage, 8Gb Corsair ram (7-8-7-20), Core i5 2.9Ghz, mSATA SSD 30gbx2 in Raid0 on dedicated hardware interface.
After 15min of punishment.

  • Servothread(1ms): Max Interval: 1011335, Max Jitter: 11347
  • Base thread(25us): Max Interval: 37539, Max Jitter: 12665

And im guessing this is how it can look like, when you are a total nerd, running a small Linux Cluster (below screen) a linuxcnc box (ontop without lid) and your workstation  (ont its side lying down). Ignore the silvery box, its an experiment – will soon be my media server.. 😉