Bit of new gear

Bit of new gear arrived today. Been having issues with my cutting heads lately my machine is horribly underpowered for the normal cutting inserts.. So on the left a 3 flute 40diam, ISCAR head taking SEMN inserts. And on the right a 5 flute round insert cutter from sandvik taking RCMT inserts. The first one is told to be very light on the machine and easier to take out material with than the negative rake inserts ive been using before. And the round insert is a finishing tool for getting that shiny surface..


Bit of an update, this test is done on an Aciera F3 milling machine. The steel was S355J2 in plate heavily rusted.
The RCMT cutter on the right can take fairly shallow cuts and leave a good surface finish, but gets hot very fast and prob. need a proper flood cooling, due to speeds i was running this dry. I dont wanna go into my shop in swimming trunks.

The SEMN inserts on the right is a fairly well cutting for this underpowered machine. I cant really keep up with the pace it needs and handcranking the part like 5x faster than the fastest autofeed, would leave a flat surface that needs som polishing and afterwork though. But all in all it can take off 0.5mm steel really. One minus is that it does not work up to a corner. I have a different cutter for that but it has a really hefty insert that pounds the table of the milling machine.