First attempt / Spray nozzle

Då detta kommer läsas mest av engelsktalande tar ja de på engelska..

This is an attempt to create a conical spray pattern / bypass nossle for a waste oil burner. The parts were made out of brass and consists of a body, headcap and needle.
The idea is to bypass the needle with enough force of air to create a suction at the tip of the nossle. The most hassling was to get the air to bypass the needle.. It came down to milling two small 3mm slots in the side of the needle threads to accomodate air to escape the inside M6 thread to begin with. The needle is threaded into the cap snuggly, to o-rings make sure suction is not created to early onto the needle path. The three parts is then screwed together.

The thing works.. but its a hassle to get it to spray uniformly forward. At the moment it sprays a very fine mist.. somewhat to the left. the small hole that is visible in the first picture in the side of the body is the feed hole for fuel. In this first attempt fuel was brake cleaner, and diesel.. Let just say it makes a fine flame thrower. 😉
The body has two 3 mm holes go straight through the whole part and mates up on the back to a 1/2″ NPT thread for a pressure fitting… The pressure fitting, fittingly enough had the correct width to be threaded 1/8″ npt so i could mount it onto a spray gun temprarily while testing. Later this would have a continuous air source with a needle valve.. for now this is just experimentation.